Rockliffe Homes

Drainage and highway remedial works to 31 Plots @ Brimington, Derbyshire

Brimington remedial works was the first contract for a new client Rockliffe Homes. The client required a condensed programme to allow the highway and drainage system to be accepted and placed on a 12-month maintenance contract by the Local Authorities. The main drainage issues we encountered included the 675mm concrete sewer being part filed with pumped grout which reduced water flow. This had to be removed to increase free flow to the acceptable rate for adoption. Two sections of this pipe had to be excavated and replaced due to fractured during the grouting operation. We also needed to repair a number of manhole covers and gully grates along with damaged kerb replacements and final road surfacing.

In addition to the original contract we received instruction to carry out exploratory works the third phase of the scheme to enable the design team to engineer a suitable foundation strategy. This element of the contract included major earthworks and sheet piling as temporary propping of the existing highway. All works were completed to the satisfaction of the client, within the contract programme period and within budget.